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Primavera Caterers is currently being run by the third generation. Two brothers Tiziano and Malcolm and Two Cousins, Pedro and Graziella whom together added their very own dose of skill, youth, glamour, knowledge, fun and expertise into the family business founded by their Nannu Peppi know in the south of Malta as “Ta’ Peppi Primavera”.


Nannu Peppi whose legal identity is Joseph Abela was a young business minded entrepreneur. At the age of twenty two he went round the streets with his horse and cart selling animal food to the local pet owners, and did so for a good three years before trying out his culinary skills which started from making an aromatic supple food made from fresh tick beans, olive oil and garlic (Bigilla) and selling it door to door on foot accompanied by his donkey and cart.


As time went by Joseph and his wife moved on to making Traditional Ice-Cream and Granita which they sold from their first van they purchased together. Joseph and Tessie whilst raising their children and allowing them to give a generous helping hand even learnt how to make the traditional cheesecakes “Pastizzi” which were later sold from a small shop they bought in Paola. As the family grew older and wiser Joseph and his family invested in a number of food outlets one larger than the other until it gave them all enough capital to purchase a bakery from where they started to manufacture finger food for weddings and parties.

The united family put their wealth, heart and soul into building the company to where it is today. The girls with exception to the eldest married but although the extra hands worked hard together with their wives and in laws, the food factory mushroomed into one of the most prestigious wedding caterers consequently yet positively pushing them into employing skilled people in order to cope with the daily volumes.


As Joseph retired, the girls and their husbands managed the bakery hands on. They baked, scrubbed the kitchens clean and were present in all the parties and weddings ensuring that no detail was left unattended too. Two years ago it was time for the second generation to retire thus passing the food manufacturing plant to their children. Whom together have given Primavera the modern touch of class as seen today.




Organising a wedding can be stressful so why not use our free consultation service. We can recommend venues, suggest menus and co-ordinate details to ensure your day runs smoothly - something we call the "Primavera experience"

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We like to meet and discuss every client’s event and will help you to plan and make your event unique and special.

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